Why Hasty News is killing Somali Journalists?


The profession of Journalism is based on principles and values that have long been the supporting pillar of informing the public on what they need to know. This will empower the society with the role of deciding their governing policies or the ability to hold accountable to those in elected offices. Journalism it self as a profession is in a conflict of interest, on one hand it is a business in which you are expected to generate good amount of money to ran the business, on the other hand, the primary duty of journalist is to inform the public first. The killing of Somali Journalists is an unacceptable form of violence and deserves the strongest condemnation and I hope the perpetrators will be brought to justice. But what is worth mentioning is how the need for speedy news is harming the accuracy of the information thus causing Somali journalists to be killed.

If I can achieve the objective of this article, it is to remind the Somali Journalists of the need to follow the set Code of Ethics of journalism that somehow may spare them few more lives down the line. I am not saying failure to follow them will kill ten more journalists in 2012, but respecting the code of ethics may begin a new culture of better journalism in Somalia.

According to the Society of Professional Journalists, the following Code of Ethics are advisable to all those who practice journalism. It is particularly important to war journalist whose lives are on the line: